Streetlight, USA

Obesity Solutions has launched a nutrition and physical activity intervention with youths at Streetlight, USAStreetlight, USA is a national leader in researching, assessing, and piloting healing methods for victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. The intervention, for up to fifty girls ages 11 to 18, began in March of 2014 and is expected to last twelve weeks.


Samantha Calvin is the project manager for the intervention, and several Obesity Solutions interns are helping to facilitate the program. As part of the program, we will also be using a mobile research unit (pictured at right) that we have developed specifically to enable at-risk and homeless children to have access to research laboratories. The wheelchair accessible mobile laboratory has a dual x-ray absorbtiometry machine, blood sampling stations, HIPAA-approved satellite medical record systems, and examination space.

The Streetlight USA intervention is being paid for by a seed grant that was received by Dr. Brian Lynch, assistant professor of pediatrics at Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Diana Jacobson, Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing and Health Solutions at Arizona State University, with the goal of improving nutrition and physical activity among homeless children in Arizona.  The seed grant program provides $40,000 to each Mayo Clinic-ASU team to conduct pilot projects in biomedicine and health.  Five criteria are used to judge winning seed grants: scientifically interesting and innovating, valid methodology, collaborative effort, likelihood of future funding or collaboration, and feasibility to complete within the project period.  The grant term will last until December 31st, 2014.  

For information about this project, contact Samantha Calvin.