our top obesity solutions

Betty: "Our perceptions have a huge impact on how much we eat. If you cut up an apple, for example, you think you're eating more. Also, using smaller plates has the same effect. We can trick ourselves into feeling fuller."


Jim: "I think the key is to be lightly active all day long. New research in NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) shows that killing yourself at the gym for an hour three times a week isn't nearly as effective as keeping your body moving a little bit all day."


Alex: "We need to avoid judgments about ourselves and others with regard to weight. Shaming people about their failures around weight tends to make them gain, not lose."


Deb: "Being active isn't supposed to be torture, so do what you think is fun. I like to walk my dogs every day. Find something that gets you excited, and do that."


Kate: "What helps me more than anything is to remember food and activity choices are what lead to health problems, not 'fat' in and of itself. Looking at a specific weight goal, especially if that goal is fifty or sixty pounds away, can be overwhelming and discouraging. However, changing what you do and eat today is easy. Just make the choices you can in the moment to be healthier right now."


Samantha: "You can change your environment to be more health-friendly. For example, you can put the dessert and snack foods at the back of the pantry, hide your remote control, or convert your desk to a standing desk. Making changes to your environment will help you be healthier without explicitly having to think about it."