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January 15, 2014

Biceps Curls And Down Dogs May Help Lower Diabetes Risk

January 15, 2014


Class gap: Obesity declines in well-off kids, but climbs in the poor

January 13, 2014


Hormone Linked to Calorie-Burning Brown Fat

January 9, 2014


Amount, Types of Fat We Eat Affect Health, Risk of Disease

January 8, 2014


The Ironic (and Surprising) Effects of Weight Stigma

January 8, 2014


5 Seemingly Innocent Things That Lead To Weight Gain

January 7, 2014


Nestle Finds A Reliable Supply of Brain Cells

January 7, 2014


To Make Healthier Choices, Color Code Your Food

January 7, 2014


Weight Loss Companies Charged with Fraud

January 7, 2014


Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Could Reduce Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in India

January 7, 2014


Financial Conflicts of Interest Bias Findings in Sugar Studies

December 31, 2013


Slower-Paced Meal Reduces Hunger but Affects Calorie Consumption Differently

December 30, 2013


Nutrition Influences Metabolism Through Circadian Rhythms, Study Finds

December 19, 2013


African-American Women Must Eat Less or Exercise More to Lose as Much Weight as Caucasians

December 19, 2013


Obese Children Have Higher Stress Hormone Levels Than Normal Weight Peers

December 18, 2013


Minorities, Poor More Likely to Suffer from Restless Sleep, Chronic Diseases

December 18, 2013


A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way to Prevent Disease in Children

December 13, 2013


Cronkite News Special Report: Obesity in Arizona

December 11, 2013


You Are What Your Father Eats: Father's Diet Before Conception Plays Crucial Role in Offspring's Health, Study Suggests

December 10, 2013


What Separates A Healthy And Unhealthy Diet? Just $1.50 Per Day

December 6, 2013


Overweight and healthy: a combo that looks too good to be true

December 3, 2013


New Research Shows Obesity Is Inflammatory Disease

December 2, 2013


Implants aid weight loss in mice

December 1, 2013


Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight)

November 30, 2013


Will seeing red help you lose weight?

November 29, 2013


Childhood exercise may reduce the effects of maternal obesity

November 29, 2013


Mediterranean Diet Without Breakfast Best Choice for Diabetics

November 28, 2013


High-Fat Diet During Puberty Speeds Up Breast Cancer Development

November 26, 2013


Extent of Obesity Not Strongest Factor for Patients When Choosing Weight Loss Operation

November 22, 2013


Lowering Three Risk Factors Could Cut Obesity-Related Risk of Heart Disease by More Than Half

November 21, 2013


Does obesity reshape our sense of taste?

November 21, 2013


Consistent Bed, Wake Time Linked to Healthier Weight

November 18, 2013


Obesity linked to mobility problems in older women

November 15, 2013


Schools Help Kids Choose Carrots Over Candy Bars

November 13, 2013


Russian subways now accept squats for payment

November 12, 2013


New FDA Proposal Trying to Eliminate Trans Fat

November 11, 2013


Gut Hormone Test Predicts Individual Efficacy of Gastric Bypass

November 8, 2013


Study: obesity linked to early puberty in girls

November 4, 2013


Kids Who Sleep More, May Eat Less

November 4, 2013


High Protein Diet, Meal Replacements Can Reduce Rebound Weight Gain

October 31, 2013


Dinner Rituals Correlate With Child, Adult Weight

October 29, 2013


Average American male's body compared to bodies of men from other nations

October 14, 2013


Identical Twins With Significant Weight Differences Shed Light On the Phenomenon of Metabolically Healthy Obesity

October 6, 2013


Body image impacts weight gain during pregnancy

October 1, 2013


Obesity influences school success

September 30, 2013


Exercise, diet habits improving among youth: study

September 16, 2013


How exercise can help us eat less

September 11, 2013


'Severely obese:' 5 percent of US kids, teens fit risky new category

September 9, 2013


Household Routines May Help Reduce BMI in Minority Children

September 9, 2013


Gut bacteria from thin humans can slim mice down

September 5, 2013


Women Happier When They Gain Weight, Even Though They Are Not as Healthy, Study Suggests

September 3, 2013


Move It and Lose It: Every 'Brisk' Minute Counts

September 1, 2013


Doubling the Daily Allowance of Protein Intake With Diet and Exercise Protects Muscle Loss

August 29, 2013


Broccoli Could Be Key in the Fight Against Osteoarthritis

August 27, 2013


BMI Not Accurate Enough: Obesity/Mortality Paradox Demonstrates Urgent Need for More Refined Metabolic Measures

August 22, 2013


Appetite hormone misfires in obese people

August 20, 2013


Big baby boom: supersize deliveries have doctors worried

August 16, 2013


Obesity very high in 13 states; many in South

August 15, 2013


Fat shaming actually increases risk of becoming or staying obese

July 26, 2013


Scientists: Obese have higher levels of 'hunger hormone' in their blood

July 15, 2013


Those gut germs may shape your life from birth

July 4, 2013


Innovation — Step by Step

Summer 2013


Obesity surgery can stop diabetes better than drugs -- with risks

June 5, 2013


Obesity increases men's risk of dying from prostate cancer

April 23, 2013


Busted: Seven myths about obesity, and why they're wrong

January 30, 2013


Treadmill desks: How practical are they?

January 29, 2013


ASU spin-off launches world's first portable metabolism tracker

January 24, 2013


Stigma Against Fat People The Last Acceptable Prejudice? Doctor To Host ‘Tweet Chat’ To Discuss

January 22, 2013


Male Jurors More Likely To Find Fat Women Guilty, Study Says

January 14, 2013


Research: a little extra fat may help you live longer

January 2, 2013


Obesity declining in young, poorer kids

December 26, 2012


Simple formula predicts child obesity at birth

November 28, 2012


Doctors biased against fat patients, study finds

November 7, 2012


Professor: Weight loss is not final obesity solution

January 20, 2012