Nonexercise activity thermogenesis: a way forward to treat the worldwide obesity epidemic


Obesity is an epidemic with already catastrophic consequences [1]. When a doctor sees a patient with obesity, not only does the doctor need to be cognizant that obesity
affects every organ system, but the doctor also needs to be aware that it affects the patient’s self-perception [2]. Patients think about their obesity and the discrimination they experience because of it approximately 5 times every hour [3,4]. It is unfortunate, because it is the combination of the
patient with, not only their inbuilt genetic makeup, but also the environment in which they find themselves [5] that is preventing the patient from moving and has precipitated their obesity.  Obesity not only results in the patient experiencing medical issues, discrimination, and negative feelings, the costs, to corporate America are staggering. Obesity alone raises annual per capita medical costs by $2741 (in 2005 dollars) [6]. However, a patient with obesity with multiple complications can cost a company $7000–$10,000 per person per year more than their lean counterpart [7].

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Shelly K. McCrady-Spitzer, M.Sc., James A. Levine, M.D., Ph.D.