Increasing Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: A NEAT Way to Increase Energy Expenditure in Your Patients


In humans, chronic caloric excess has resulted in overweight and obesity becoming epidemic in developed countries and emerging as a major health problem in middle-income countries and even in low-income ones.  Evidence is mounting that the energy expended in daily activities called "Non-exercise activity thermogenesis" (NEAT) is important in human fat gain and obesity.  In this paper we describe a synthesis of current behavior modiJames A Levine, Mark W Vander Weg, and Robert C. Klesgesfication approaches directed towards increasing NEAT.  The acronym that describes this approach is STRIPE (S = select activity, T = targeted goals, R = reward, I = identify barriers, P = plan, and E = evaluate).  STRIPE provides a behavioral framework around which NEAT interventions can be employed and evaluated.  

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James A Levine, Mark W Vander Weg, and Robert C. Klesges