Does Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis Contribute to Non-Shivering Thermogenesis?


We wanted to examine if spontaneous physical activity contributes to non-shivering thermogenesis. Ten lean, healthy male subjects wore a physical activity, micro-measurement system whilst the room temperature was randomly altered at two hourly intervals between thermoneutral (72°F), cool (62°F) and warm (82°F) temperatures. Physical activity measured during the thermoneutral, cooling and warming periods was not significantly different. Cooling, increased EE above basal and thermoneutral values 2061 ± 344 kcal/day (p <0.01). Thus, the increase in energy expenditure associated with short-term environmental cooling in lean, healthy males does not appear to be due to increased spontaneous physical activity or fidgeting.

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Harris AM, Macbride LR, Foster RC, McCrady SK, Levine JA