Most of ASU’s thousands of freshman live together in residential communities on our four campuses. Freshman year is a time of great changes in how people are making decisions about how they are eating, sleeping, and active, in ways that set the stage first for their academic success and then ultimately the rest of their independent adult lives. Through partnership with ASU’s outstanding BARRETT THE HONORS COLLEGE, we are developing new models for the Active Dorm, a place where the “freshman 15” is unknown and outstanding academics are enhanced by healthy lifestyles. The Active Dorm concept includes redesigning resident hall rooms (such as with sit-to-stand desks that encourage more movement), rethinking how food is presented in dining halls, using technology to encourage adequate sleep, and finding neutral ways to talk with undergraduates about weight gain so conversations are productive rather than judgmental. Our Provost’s Health Leadership Fellows, competitively selected from the Barrett The Honors College students, help lead our initiatives in this area. For information about this project contact Samantha Calvin.