obesity solutions builds downtown space for gathering and learning

Obesity Solutions is close to opening their new downtown space to the community. The space, which will tie into the “active@asu” brand for our on-campus health and wellness efforts, will be a place to identify and test a range of innovative obesity solutions through the use of its demo kitchen and teaching areas. Additionally, we will use the space to offer reliable information, demonstrations, classes, and embodied learning sessions to the community. We will also invite community feedback and suggestions, allowing us to better articulate their needs and to offer the most valuable community outreach programs.
This space carries forth our mission to develop and deliver real-world, accessible obesity solutions to our community. It also supports the ASU aspiration to be socially embedded, while contributing to ASU’s specific efforts to make downtown a health hub for students and community members alike.
If you would like to know more about the space or would like to further support our efforts, please contact Deborah Williams.