active dorm project commences in barrett, the honors college

We began our sit-stand desk study with Barrett, the Honors College sophomores in August. Participants will be in the study for a total of two semesters, and are comprised of sophomore level students that live in the honors dorms.
Half of the students have been equipped with a desk that can be adjusted to accommodate standing or sitting, and the other half have been given traditional desks. All participants are currently wearing Kinetic Activity Monitors (KAM) so we can track their level of physical activity.
The KAM device is based on cutting-edge obesity research that shows even low-levels of activity all day can result in health benefits.  Unlike other devices that count only steps, the KAM can also track fidgeting, gestures, and other low-level movements. Because the participants are all wearing these devices, we can get a clear picture of how and when the sit-stand desk affects their level of physical activity.
In addition to wearing the KAM devices, participants will also weigh-in periodically to allow us to assess the program’s impact on weight status. At the weigh-in appointment, students will also complete surveys to assess their perceptions of the desk, their academic performance, and health behaviors.
For questions about this project or any of our other projects, please contact Deborah Williams.