Mission & Goals

No one sets out to be obese, and everyone understands the “exercise more, eat less” mantra. Yet, the majority of adults in the US are struggling, mostly unsuccessfully, to lose weight. And we are now seeing an explosion of obesity in children and developing countries as well. Obesity is predicted to have a massive negative impact on most health care systems and on economic productivity globally. It is time to admit that expecting us to solve this problem individually is a fundamentally doomed strategy.

Obesity Solutions brings together the world-renowned doctors of the Mayo Clinic, distinguished scientists at Arizona State University, in partnership with other universities, communities, businesses, and government to identify, test, and share innovative ways of addressing obesity. It is moving well beyond traditional modes of doing medicine and science, applying new approaches that are more multi-faceted, trans-disciplinary, innovative, and agile.
Our basic goal is to create simple solutions that work for real people in the real world. But such simple solutions actually demand that we begin with a sophisticated understanding of obesity’s inherent complexity. We simultaneously seek solutions grounded in evidence at all levels, and to understand how different facets of obesity affect each other – from surgical solutions, to helping someone talking with their doctor about how to eat better, to creating walkable neighborhoods, and promoting thoughtful global food policy.
Obesity, we know, is an emotionally-loaded word. It is surrounded by prejudice, stigma, and misunderstandings about why people gain weight, and what it means. Effective obesity solutions also need to understand this.
Obesity Solutions is ultimately about working together to create sustainable, healthy living for the next millennia.
Please join us.