health leadership fellows

This program offers students an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their residential college community and Arizona State University as a whole through excellence in health research and leadership. There is a strong emphasis on collaborative action as key to identifying and addressing health problems in a sustainable and meaningful way. The goal is for Fellows to have firsthand experience of tackling health issues or questions in the real world.  Fellows meet weekly with experts in the field. They receive training in data collection and research and provide community leadership both within their residential community, Arizona State University, and the Maricopa County community.


There are 3 planks to this program:

1.     An experiential learning class in which students become part of a campus research project, learning valuable research skills, increasing their knowledge, and promoting student health to their residential colleagues.

a.     Students meet once a week in class on Friday mornings. The class is interactive and discussion-based, structured around acquiring research skills, developing a sound knowledge base, and learning active problem solving within the research context.

b.     Students function as research assistants and take a substantial role in a faculty-led health research project (overseen by ASU-Mayo Clinic Obesity Solutions faculty).  Most of the research-related activity will takes place outside of class, but is an integral part of class discussions.  


2.     Monthly seminars with nationally recognized scholars and leaders in the health field that enables Fellows to understand how research translation can impact health directly within their communities and also fosters valuable connections with community leaders.

a.     Seminars will coincide and integrate with the research class


3.     Mentorship and intern opportunities within the university and larger local communities.


For more information about this program, please contact Deborah Williams.