Human Physical Activity Measurement Core

Promoting physical activity is a medical care recommendation in a multitude of disease states ranging from heart failure through metabolic disease.  In fact, numerous medical agencies, including the head of the American Medical Association have called for activity to be prescribed, much like a medication is.
A limitation faced by numerous investigators is how to objectively measure physical activity and analyze the appropriate data. A large number of investigational strategies are tested in heart failure (HF) with the goal of enhancing exercise tolerance. These studies utilize standard HF endpoints, such as six minute walk distance or cardiopulmonary exercise test variables. While these measures have value, they are very low density, being assessed only once or twice after initiating the therapy, and may not accurately reflect the impact of a therapy on patient’s daily tolerance of activity.  
The goal of the Mayo Clinic Physical Activity Measurement Core (PAMC) is to provide objective measurement of physical activity in patients with diastolic heart failure during the course of the NEAT-DHF study. Participants in the research will wear two accelerometers continuously to provide comprehensive phyisical activity data to researchers. For more information about this project, please contact Gabe Koepp.