continuing education course in obesity

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new continuing education course, Obesity: Understanding, Prevention, and Management, offered by Arizona State University. 
In Obesity: Understanding, Prevention, and Management, the student learns about obesity from the following three perspectives: medical, behavioral, and anthropological. The course consists of thirteen modules that are geared toward gaining understanding about the causes of obesity and current trends, assessing the influences on obesity in the student's own life, and adopting new habits and behaviors that can help the student to lead a healthier lifestyle. Course materials are presented by the three directors of Obesity Solutions; Dr. James A. Levine from the medical standpoint, Elizabeth Capaldi-Phillips, PhD from the behavioral standpoint, and Alexandra Brewis Slade, PhD from the anthropological standpoint. Additionally, information from other experts will be combined with viewpoints from lay people to obtain a more holistic understanding of obesity.

Along with viewing course materials, students will complete a course journal that will help them to understand their own genetics, habits, and environment to understand their personal health landscape.


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