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The Innovation Challenge is a university-wide competition to find and support novel solutions to some of the world’s complex social problems.


Under the umbrella of the Innovation Challenge, Obesity Solutions is partnering with the social science schools in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Health Solutions in a sub-challenge to identify and fund innovative solutions addressing obesity in youth.


Issues as complex as obesity need people from all backgrounds with new outlooks and different skills to help develop solutions. This sub-challenge is about encouraging thoughtful innovation with an end goal of actually solving obesity.


Our Challenge Question: How do we promote and sustain behavior change to prevent and/or reduce obesity in youth?

  • Think globally about this problem (multiple cultures, beliefs, places).
  • What influences our behavior?
  • What factors are involved in obesity (e.g., socio-economic, educational, cultural, genetic)?
  • How can we make 'healthy' behavior the default behavior?
  • Can behavior change be cheap, easy and fun?


4 Award Packages

  • 2 prizes of $1,000 cash plus a $2,000 EIG voucher
  • 2 awards consisting of a $3,000 EIG voucher


Judging Criteria

An expert panel of judges from across the participating schools and Obesity Solutions will evaluate proposals. The judging criteria are below, along with the weighted scoring used to identify winner proposals.

  • Innovation (30%) – Demonstrate a compelling need for YOUR innovative concept by connecting it to obesity as a complex social issue. Explain your idea clearly and concisely.
  • Impact (20%) – Explain the expected impact of your idea, the metric you used to evaluate your success and how your idea is sustainable over time.
  • Implementation (30%) – Demonstrate that you can successfully implement your idea and how you will do this by providing a feasible timeline, any potential challenges and your solutions. Explain who is working on the project (team members, mentors) and give an appropriate budget.
  • Presentation (20%) – Be clear, concise, consistent and effective. Make us believe in your project.


Application Format (see the Innovation Challenge [Changemaker Challenge] site for more details)

  • Demographic information, including ASU ID#
  • 2-page executive summary
  • 10 slides
  • Mentor commitment form
  • Challenge idea eligibility (you must address the challenge question)


Proposals are submitted through the Innovation Challenge (Changemaker Challenge) website. Please reference obesity in your proposal to identify that you are submitting your proposal for this particular challenge issue. Proposals entered for this sub-challenge may still be entered in the overall Innovation Challenge and are eligible to receive awards from both Innovation Challenge and Obesity Solutions.


Get involved!

  • Changemaker Central
  • Get together with peers and design an innovation
  • Be a self-starter: build your own team, have your own approach
  • Make lifelong friends and connections
  • Get valuable innovation, budget-planning and presentation experience that looks great on a resume
  • Make a difference in the community
  • Get feedback from expert judges


Sign-up through the iStart portal on the Changemaker Challenge home page.



Additional Resources


Click through to the Innovation Challenge website for application information, official rules and FAQs.


For more information about this project, contact Deborah Williams.