Understanding Obesity through Big Data

ASU is a global leader in new approaches to complex adaptive systems and “big data” analysis. By combining this expertise with the extraordinary dataset that is the Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP), we are pushing the boundaries to create new insights to how obesity functions within real world populations, including across generations. The REP is a unique records-linkage research infrastructure, began in 1966 as a collaboration between Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center, and Rochester Family Medicine Clinic, that tracks almost everyone living Olmsted County, Minnesota. It includes medical information more than 500,000 unique individuals and more than 6 million person years of follow-up through 2010, allowing us to develop long-term models for how obesity is shaped at the family, community, and population-level, and how these change through our lives. It allows us to identify the health system factors that best promote healthy, sustainable living for all. 
Principal investigators: James Levine and Kenneth Buetow