asu faculty with obesity-related research

Abbas, James

biomedical engineering


Adams, Marc

health behavior change


Aggarwal, Rimjhim M

resource economics and poverty


Ainsworth, Barbara

nutrition, weight


Amdam, Gro

food ecology and taste


Anderson, Laurel

health disparities


Angadi, Siddhartha

exercise and metabollic disease


Anselin, Luc

analysis of spatial data as it relates to public health


Arcoleo, Kim

clinical & translational research; clinical research management; public health; mental health


Baral, Chitta

bioinformatics knowledge representation; reasoning & declarative problem solving; systamtic approach to designing & analyzing autonomous agent


Barroso, Cristina

physical activity, obesity, body image in adolescents


Belyea, Michael John

statistics, multivariate, structural equation modeling, multivariate modeling


Bever, Jennie

maternal-child health and obesity


Birt, Michael

prediction, early detection and monitoring of health status


Boggess, May

statistical analysis


Boone, Christopher

geographic determinants of obesity, environmental justice


Bradley, Robert 

parenting, home environment, socioeconomic and cultural influences on family processes and child development


Branaghan, Russell

human factors, medical devices


Brewis Slade, Alexandra

obesity stigma


Bruening, Meg

nutrition, food choice and obesity


Buetow, Kenneth

big data in health 


Buikstra, Jane

evolutionary and cultural dynamics in reemerging/neglected Infectious diseases


Buman, Matthew

activity, nutrition


Calvin, Samantha

physical activity and nutriton


Castro, Felipe G

health promotion and relapse prevention in Hispanic populations, with a focus on motivational aspects in the prevention of HIV infection, drug abuse, cancer, diabetes


Chassin, Laurie

adolescent risk & resilience; transitions from adolescence to adulthood


Coletta, Dawn

genetics of insulin resistance


Coon, David Wayne

design, evaluation, and translation of effective psychosocial interventions for midlife and older adults facing chronic illness


Coursen, Cristi

healthcare policies affecting the poor and underserved


Crespo, Noe

community-based interventions


Crnic, Keith Alan

parent-child interaction, parenting, and family process predictions to emerging behavior problems in young children


Dandreaux, Danielle

health care decisions in obesity


Der Ananian, Cheryl

sociality, gaming and physical activity


Doane, Leah D.

daily stress experiences in adolescence and young adulthood


Fleury, Julie

community-based interventions, theory testing, model generation, exercise health


Forzani, Erica Silva

mHealth applications in obesity


Gaesser, Glenn

physical activity,obesity, tracking activity


Garcia-Perez, Maria Hilda

morbidity, health and migration


Gaughan, Monica

medical workforce


Granger, Douglas

salivary analysis


Grebitus, Carola

adolescent obesity


Greenes, Robert

health information exchange


Gupta, Sandeep

mobile and pervasive computing


Hartwell, Lee

health infrastructure, detection & monitoring of health status, personalized medicine


Hekler, Eric

mHealth applications in obesity


Herbst, Chris M

childhood obesity


Hill, Kim

hunter/gatherer diet


Hodge, James

law and policy


Hooker, Steven

physical activity


Horan, John Joseph

exercise and counseling


Hruschka, Daniel

maternal & child health in very low income settings


Huang, Chih-Chien

technology and obesity


Huberty, Jennifer

physical activity 


Jacobson, Diana

adolescent obesity


Jehn, Megan



Johnston, Carol

micronutrients and diabetes


Katsanos, Christos

metabolic components of obesity


Keller, Colleen

community health


Kelly, Stephanie Ann

prevention and management of adolescent obesity


Kinnier, Richard T

decision making


Krajmalnik-Brown, Rosa



Kronenfeld, Jennie

technology and obesity


Langlais, Paul

metabolism and obesity


Lanyon, Richard I

psychology & law


Larkey, Linda

alternative care models in obesity prevention


Lee, Chong Do

impact of lifestyle factors on CVD and cancer mortality


Lee, Rebecca

obesogenic environments and intervention


Levine, James A.

non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT)


Lindor, Keith

healthcare delivery


Mackinnon, David

nuerocognitive processes in adolescent obesity


Madar, David 

applied biological sciences and organic chemistry


Mandarino, Larry

kinesiology and metabolic biology


Mandel, Naomi

food packaging


Marchant, Gary

personalized medicine, healthcare delivery & policy


Marsiglia, Flavio

health disparities


Maupin, Jonathan

maternal & child health in very low income settings; medical anthropology/global health in Guatemala


McClain, Darya

prevention, intervention, hispanic communities


Melnyk, Bernadette

health outcomes & healthy lifestyles in teens


Morales, Andrea C.

impact of diet foods on weight


Nelson, Randal

diabetes biomarkers


Nesse, Randolph

evolutionary medicine and public health


Ohri-Vachaspati, Punam

physical environments & behavior in obesity


Perez, Adriana (Gloria)

cardiovascular health promotion


Phillips, Elizabeth Capaldi

psychology of eating


Pipe, Teri

nursing and health innovation


Poste, George

healthcare informatics, personalized medicine


Reifsnider, Elizabeth

maternal-child care, prevention of childhood obesity, breastfeeding


Richards, Tim

consumer behavior, consumption, obesity


Rittmann, Bruce

prediction, early detection & monitoring of health status


Rivera, Daniel

behavioral health


Santanam, Raghu

healthcare information technology


Schaefer, David

health & social networks


Schneller, Eugene

healthcare supply chain


Sebren, Ann

mindfulness based interventions for stress reduction, improved health outcomes and health behavior


Shaibi, Gabriel

asthma, childhood/teen obesity, health disparities


Silva Torres, Graciela

sleep & obesity


Smith, Brian

neuroscience & behavior


Soto, Shelli

health law


Spence, John

single bio-molecule diffraction; biophysics


Spinrad, Tracy

emotions & well being


Stafford, Phillip

mobile weight management tools


Stevens, Carol Jo

childhood obesity


Swan, Pamela

exercise and obesity and health


Sweazea, Karen

obesity biology


Szkupinski-Quiroga, Seline

health disparities


Tao, Nonjgian

prediction, early detection & monitoring of health status


Thatcher, Craig D

nutritional physiology


Thorpe, Michael

structural biomedical chemistry


Tinsley, Barbara

child health socialization


Ugarova, Tatiana

metabolic biology


Updegraff, Kim

gender, neuroscience, & behavior


Valiente, Carlos

emotions and well being


Vana, Kimberly Diane

sleep, asthma, & teaching


Vargas, Perla

health decision making, health disparities, community


Vaughan, Linda

director of the school of nutrition and health promotion, health sciences


Vega-López, Sonia

diet and lifestyle modifications on chronic disease risk factors


Verrelli, Brian

evolutionary genetics & bioinformatics


Vinze, Ajay

health information technology


Walker, Beth

health sector management


Wang, Lili 

community philanthropy


Wang, Shaopeng

energy expenditure, mobile devices


Wang, Xiao

prosthetics & rehabilitation; computational & synthetic biology


Weitz, Rose

women's health, sexuality and the body


Wharton, Christopher

healthy food availability and distribution, food systems and sustainability, local food programs, food security


Williams, Deborah

place-based knowledge, identity, and cultural continuity


Willis, Wayne Tyrus

exercise at the cellular and sub-cellular levels


Winham, Donna

role of beans in preventing heart disease, diabetes & obesity; child malnutrition; dietary acculturation and cross-cultural perceptions of foods and health


Woodbury, Neal

prediction, early detection & monitoring of health status; biomedical analytical chemistry


Wutich, Amber

climate change related disease; medical anthropology/global health in Guatemala


Yabiku, Scott

technology and obesity


Yamashiro, Carl

center for healthcare innovation & clinical trials


Yancy, Margaret

diabetes, adolescent healthcare


Zayas, Luis E.

culture and health