OBESITY SOLUTIONS is an innovative, collaborative, transdisciplinary initiative. Our mission is to identify, test, and share the best ways to address one of the world’s most complex problems.
The initiative leverages the health experience and knowledge of world-renowned doctors of the Mayo Clinic, the research capacity of the huge and distinguished faculty at Arizona State University, and partnerships with other universities, communities, businesses, and government entities. 
Together we are moving well beyond traditional modes of approaching health, designing new approaches that are fully informed by a broad array of research, embrace the complexity of the problem, grasp the on-the-ground realties of modern lives, and recognize that translation of scientific research needs to be agile, practical, and responsive. 
Our basic goal is to deliver the most simple, effective solutions around obesity – ones that that really work for real people in the real world.
This simplicity actually demands an extremely multi-faceted understanding of the problem, simultaneously understanding how  culture, institutions, environments, policy, behavior, biology, and health care delivery all work together as a broader system.
Obesity, we know, is an emotionally-laden word. It is surrounded by prejudice, stigma, and misunderstandings about why people gain weight, and what it means. Effective obesity solutions also need to understand this.
OBESITY SOLUTIONS is ultimately about working together to create sustainable, healthy living for the next millennia.
Please join us.